Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#WritersLife: Working as a (Creative) Writer

#WritersLife - The Blonde Writer

#WritersLife follows my escapades as a writer (duh). For this installment, I wanted to share some news about one of the businesses I work for, and for you guys to better understand it I needed to share some of my writing career past with y'all. 

Amber's Career Summary in 3, 2, 1!

Working after College

I graduated in May 2014 with my Bachelor's in Creative Writing, and I imagined I would just find some little job while I worked on my latest masterpiece before I was magically picked up and lived my life in a log cabin writing. Needless to say, I still thought life was more similar to Disney than Pixar.
I had some sense knocked into me by my good friend Eric and found some work before I graduated. Over the course of the next year, I would write copy (advertisement) for a sneaker company and a wine decor business, tutor writing to students in community college, start a blog, and intern for a literary agency reading YA/MG manuscripts.

While none of these jobs involved writing fiction, they did require my creativity and willingness to share the love of writing with others. In fact, writing things other than what I love is what has allowed me to appreciate fiction writing that much more. I'm still aiming to be a bestselling YA author, but in the meantime I'm loving the marketing and publishing aspects as well.
Now, to get to the matter at hand...

Wine Decor Business Progress!

I work for a wine decor business called Beth's Wine Designs, which was founded in October 2014. We focus on up-cycling wine bottles and various other types of alcohol bottles (which are donated and not consumed entirely by us) into beautiful art pieces for homes, offices, or celebrations. My work includes writing product descriptions and managing the social media pages. 

I am very excited to announce we just got our first reviews on Etsy and it feels AWESOME!

Screenshot of Beth's Wine Designs Etsy storefront
Aren't these the most stunning reviews you've ever seen?!

We have been on Etsy for months and have made some sales in person, but these were our first official Etsy sales. We had a squeal fest when the reviews came up. 

This is the other part of being a writer that is just as rewarding as seeing your work published. I may not be weaving stories, but my work has allowed my boss to see her work "published" in the sense of it being posted, seen, and adored by her customers. Writing has always been about bringing people together, and marketing is no exception. 

Working as a creative writer doesn't mean you're writing fiction or poetry; sometimes, it means you're working writing jobs in a way that still show off your creativity. 


  1. Aww! Your voice is smooth like watah. I'm glad that I helped you! You have a wonderful future ahead of you. Stay the course, but don't be afraid to slow down and watch sunsets now and then. <3

    1. Haha thank you! And I will only watch the sunsets if I have a friend to watch them with, like you :) Books and games forever!

  2. Sometimes being a writer means always being ready to reinvent yourself. What was it your favorite teacher said - no knowledge is ever wasted! That's especially true if you are a writer. Congratulations on life in general!

    1. I completely agree and love that. Thank you, Professor! Man, that teacher sure knew what she was talking about. I should catch up with her and go in depth about all this awesomeness, haha! :)