Friday, August 12, 2016

#WritersLife: Back to Academia!

#WritersLife, where I talk writing in real life.

This news has been in the making for a little while, and I'm so excited to announce that I am no longer unemployed! Cue confetti and celebratory imaginary GIFs because I can't seem to understand how they work.

Starting August 22, I will be a writing tutor for the community college here in Fort Worth. I finalized the paperwork this week and met with some of the tutors at the center to get a feel for it.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you may know I worked at the community college in El Paso after I earned my degree. It was at this writing center that I remember first hearing about Eric's gaming blog and took on the challenge to have more page clicks than him. I didn't think it would become an endeavor that I'm still doing two years later, but oh my word it's been two years since this blog started.

Moving forward, I am beyond excited to work with this college not only because the Academic Learning Center (ALC) is so chill and welcoming, but also because this campus is gorgeous!

Tarrant County College Northwest campus - photo by Amber the Blonde Writer
The view of the reservoir!

The campus is directly next to the reservoir. When I pull into the parking lot, I see this beautiful body of water and lush greenery everywhere. Not only that, but the ALC is located on the third floor so I can look out the windows and see the water whenever I want!

And the inner campus is just as breathtaking! 

Tarrant County College Northwest campus pond - photo by Amber the Blonde Writer
This pond is right in front of the doors to the ALC building!

I'm excited to get back into academia because I know it's more stable than marketing or publishing. That and the team has been so friendly and sweet. As the semester goes, I'll update on how things are going, but I'm about to be super busy.

I'm doing 19 hours a week tutoring for the moment, and I'm still putting in 24-30 hours a week at the warehouse. At this rate, I'll be reading manuscripts when I get home and then going straight to bed.

I keep trying to get back to the writing grind, but there have been so many hiccups, good and bad. In fact, this whole summer has been a hiccup. Since May I've been going nonstep, jumping between jobs, traveling across the country, and collecting all the Pokemon. I'm hoping with a full time schedule between these two positions, I can find the stability I've been craving and can focus back on my life again.

Remember guys: your life is solely yours. Don't hold back what you're destined to do or be because of other people or fear or comfort. Get out there and do everything you can so you have even more experience to draw from when you face difficult decisions. 

And if you're a believer, it also helps to remember that no matter what, God's got this. You just have to let Him do what's best so you can get out there and be your best.


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