Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cover Reveal: Winter by Marissa Meyer

I know I'm about three weeks late on this game, but I still want to give my thoughts on the cover of the final installment of the Lunar Chronicles Series, Winter, by Marissa Meyer.

This series has been one of my all-time favorites (I have a review of Fairest here), and the covers are one of the reasons that I love to take out my copies of Cinder and Scarlet to hold them close and show them love! This cover is definitely brighter than its predecessors, and I think that's why it didn't make me as pumped as some of the other fans.

It's beautiful artwork, I'm not denying that. But it does seem to want the reader to focus on the light, which could be foreshadowing the light of the characters or the ending, rather than the iconic fairy tale apple. After reviewing the others, the colors seem too bright in the center, but the apple and purple touch on the leaf are phenomenal. 

Regardless of what the cover looks like, I know the story and writing will be perfection. Who knows--maybe the style will grow on me. I'm just ready to catch back up with Scarlet and Thorne, my two favorites, and I am so excited that this book is 800 pages. Hopefully that will make the novel last a little longer emotionally!

What's your take on the final cover for the Lunar Chronicles? For those who have favorite characters, do you think Winter will end up being yours? I will always love Scarlet, but she and Winter seem to have excellent chemistry so there may be a battle brewing this November when it releases.


  1. I quite like it, and I'd argue that the light / brightness in it has more to do with the "lunar" than the ending. I'm betting we're getting more entrenched in some of that bioelectrical manipulation. Just my thoughts.

    ~ Liza @ Classy Cat Books

    1. That makes a lot of sense actually. I thought it tied into the story line, and your theory of the Lunar gift could be that tie. Thank you for further clarification! Other eyes always help :)