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#WritersLife: Meeting Author Marissa Meyer

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I just met one of my YA inspirations. THE Marissa Meyer. 

Excuse me one moment, I fainted again. 

Marissa Meyer (and yes, I will forever refer to her by her full name) promoted this event for months, but the library that hosted did not expect the turn out that came out.

Crowd at Irving Public Library to see Marissa Meyer. Photo taken by Amber, the Blonde Writer

The capacity for the room was 345. Here was my ticket signing number.

Amber's ticket signing number at the Marissa Meyer event in Irving, Texas. Photo taken by Amber, the Blonde Writer.

The fit was tight. For the first 30 minutes, I along with at least 50 others stood out in the hallway outside of the auditorium because they wanted to avoid a fire hazard. But then they realized none of us cared and let us crowd in.

Marissa Meyer told us about writing, her previous tour stops in Texas, Heartless, her future writing dreams, and then provided us with the true Little Mermaid story. It was weird. I'd rather not dwell on the foam, angels, and knife-wielding, heart-broken women, but I appreciated hearing her tell a story because she speaks so well.

At 4 o'clock, the Q&A ended and the book signing began. Because of the number, only one book could be personalized with our names and the others had to be signed just by Marissa Meyer. When I called ahead, the receptionist told me a maximum of three books could be signed per person.

One woman brought a copy of each of the six books (I'm including Fairest) and then brought a mix of paper backs and hardcovers. I know for sure she had two Scarlets and two Cresses. Granted, I only brought my copies of Fairest, Winter, and my newly acquired Stars Above, but in retrospect, I wouldn't have been able to carry all six with me for the duration of the event.

I got my books signed at 7:45 pm. The event was supposed to end at 6. In the meantime, I checked out the swag they gave us!

Cupcake book cover ring from Marissa Meyer's Irving, Texas event. Photo taken by Amber, the Blonde Writer.

They gave out cupcakes, which tasted amazing, but each one came with a little ring with a book cover hot glued to it!! I grabbed Cress because she's adorable, and the rings were huge: I was able to wear it on my ring finger and flaunt my love for the Lunar Chronicles.

If you bought a copy of Stars Above at the event, you received three buttons (at random) that featured one of the short story titles from the collection. I was so happy I got Thorne's story button. I mean, it's Thorne. He's amazing. And these buttons were so tiny and cute and I love them all!

There was also a small planetarium that was provided by the science museum. I was the last group that went in. I couldn't take pictures because without flash, it would be a black photo, and with flash it would override the lighting of the constellation projection. 

But trust me when I say it was very cool to see the constellations for the entire year in a little bubble. The presenter had worked at the science museum and was currently a librarian, so she pointed out all the book constellations and relayed them to us. Orion had a pack of dogs and one was named Sirius, and we all applauded J.K. Rowling's subtlety. 

Finally, they gave up counting out groups of twenty after number 360, so I jumped in line. There were two fans behind me, but it was fantastic because Marissa Meyer personalized each of our books because we had waited so long.


For Winter, Marissa Meyer's darling publicist stamped them with #JoinTheResistance, which looks so epic. And I can't believe I met THE Marissa Meyer! Of course, I once again could offer no more than a "How are you?" and "I hope you get home safe, too!" because my brain fails me. 

Authors are my kryptonite. 

It never ceases to amaze me just how excited authors are to meet their readers as much as we are to meet them. Marissa Meyer was so glad we stayed late and that we were still eager to meet her and speak with her.

Amber, the Blonde Writer with Marissa Meyer. Photo taken by Amber Morrison.

I least I think she was glad. She was little delirious at that point.

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