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#WritersLife: Meeting Author A.G. Howard

#WritersLife from Amber, the Blonde Writer

#WritersLife: Where I talk writing in real life.

Author's note: When you read the above title, please follow it up with a very loud SQUEEEEEEEEE!

I found out on Tuesday that author A.G. Howard, author of the beloved Splintered series, would be at a Barnes & Noble in Frisco, Texas, reading from Untamed at 7 p.m. I immediately made plans to attend because hello, Morpheus.

Amber, the Blonde Writer and A.G. Howard's book signing banner

I was like a kid in a candy store. We arrived super early to avoid the traffic and ended up getting to the store around 5:15. We perused for a while, picked up some food, and then returned to the store about 6:15 and decided I needed to buy some books while I waited.

Splintered book display in Frisco. Photo taken by Amber, the Blonde Writer

Yup, these books. I now own books 1 and 2. 

However, as I was going to pick up a copy of Unhinged, I noticed a woman standing near them. The woman.

I proceeded to turn around and walk away as my mother laughed at me. 

I eventually got the paperback I wanted and of course, with my amazing book blogger and writer status, spent almost ten minutes talking to the lovely store cashier to avoid another scary encounter.

I know. My social skills are on point, you guys.

Amber, the Blonde Writer's signed copy of Splintered
And I even remembered how to talk long enough to get it signed!

Fortunately, Howard is so much fun and so easy to talk to. She opted not to do a reading from Untamed because there were a couple readers who hadn't finished the series yet. We asked her questions for over an hour, ranging from her inspiration, her writing style, her revision strategies, and what she plans to do next.

I am psyched to read her next book, a Phantom of the Opera retelling!!

Being the little wannabe literary agent nerd I am, I asked about her agent, Jenny Bent, and how it was working with her and with agents in general. Howard assured us and the two youngest members of the audience that agents are angels and knights in shining armor who will fight for the book until the end. I couldn't believe Splintered had been rejected by 23 publishers before it found its home.

Seriously? Who says no to Morpheus?

Overall, it was a lovely time spent with a lovely woman and author who indulged all our questions. Yes, I was shaking and hyperventilating and my mother reminded me to breathe for the entire night, but it was awesome to speak with Howard.

Amber, the Blonde Writer with author A.G. Howard

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