Friday, July 24, 2015

#WritersLife: Query Process Update and Slow Bloggers

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I finally started my querying process for my YA Contemporary piece currently titled A Second Chance. I sent it in to three agents: Rachel Brooks of the L. Perkins Agency, Erin Harris of Folio Inc., and Kim Lionetti of Book Ends Literary Agency.

It was completely nerve-wracking when I sent these off on June 26, 2015, but I received much love on Twitter from other writers because let’s face it: the writing community is golden and wonderful and I am so glad I’m in this industry.

Twitter conversation with Amber the Blonde Writer
So nice!

Less than a week passed when I got an email response from Rachel Brooks saying no, but still—I PUT MYSELF OUT THERE. And it was so freaking awesome to see a response from a literary agent even if it was a no.

Email rejection from Rachel Brooks to Amber the Blonde Writer
First rejection down.

I’m thinking of sending out three more by the end of this month to have a few more letters and sample pages floating around out there. I have a list of 13 literary agents, so I definitely need to get more. I know I have the biggest names on there already, but maybe you guys know of some smaller ones or ones who are super eager to see some query letters. If so, flood my comments section. If not, smile and think of how amazing it is to eat cake and play video games simultaneously because I know I love doing that.

I’m looking over the manuscript still, but I’m not making any changes (unless it’s like a comma or missing quotation mark or something that I overlooked). I want to get as much feedback as possible from literary agents to sort of see where I stand. Not to mention, the odds of it staying exactly the same from this moment until it’s published is pretty slim. It’s going to get changed either by me, the agent, the editor, or all three of us.

I wanted to post this little update to not only, well, update on this topic, but also to nag Eric over at A Gamer’s Story to post another, well, post because I miss video games. It doesn’t even have to be post-apocalyptic. But if were to be, that is, post-apocalyptic, perhaps he could do a cover on the absolutely amazing FALLOUT 4 RELEASE. I’m a little excited for it. Did you see the gameplay of it?? It’s so beautiful in the way it depicts the horrendous fall of the human race.

A Gamer's Story blog homepage
This terrible screenshot does not do him justice. Just check him out. He loooooves when people check him out.

Update and slow bloggers have been addressed. Amber is out. PEACE. (and cake. Soooo much cake).

Also, forgive the backwards formatting on this post. I don't know why it does that and the next one should be back to normal. 

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