Tuesday, January 5, 2016

#WritersLife: Book and Writing Goals for 2016

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As with every new year, people want to set ideas and dreams in motion because it's a clean slate. I don't make resolutions, per se, but I do create goals I want to surpass for my development and my career. This year, I'm combining book and general goals so everything ties together by the end.

Goal 1: Read 4 Books a Month

As a book blogger, this might sound super short (considering this time last year I read 8-10 books a month), but I'm trying to shuffle everything so nothing is forgotten. I have a job, a literary agency internship, I'm an intern/assistant to a children's author, I have a blog, I'm rewriting my novel, and I have my family, friends, and Boo Thang. Scheduling is necessary.

As such, I've reduced my reading to 1 book a week because I think this is manageable and will still allow me to keep up with the YA trends of the year.

Goal 2: Finish Two Complete Rewrites of NaNo 2015 Novel

I finished my YA Sci-Fi novel during NaNoWriMo 2015 and am intent on revising it for all of 2016. My calendar currently looks like this:

  • January - Answer questions raised from free-writing the novel and know how to fill in the gaps
  • February and March - Rewrite novel (revision 1)
  • April and May - First round of Critique Partners review manuscript
  • June and July - Rewrite novel based on CP's notes (revision 2)
  • August and September - Second round of CPs review manuscript
  • October - Make minor edits/changes to plot, character, setting, etc. (revision 3)
  • November and December - First round of beta readers plus one CP (I will also be partaking in NaNoWriMo 2016 at this time)

This calendar will more than likely be adjusted during the year, but if I can schedule CPs and readers ahead of time, they will act like deadlines and I'll be more motivated to finish the rewrites in a timely manner.

Goal 3: Read the Entire Bible

This goal is one I've been trying to accomplish for two years. I've read almost all of the New Testament, but none of the Old (minus some Genesis here and there). I found a schedule already made by someone else (THANK YOU!) so I know exactly how many chapters to read each day. By December 31st, I should have read every verse and have read it through once!

This one is very near to me because I want to improve myself and strengthen my faith. My life took many winding roads in 2015, and while I can't avoid sudden changes my whole life, becoming more grounded and trusting in God will allow me to better handle the situations and find the good in everything that happens.

I think these three will be more than enough for me to focus on. What are your reading or writing goals for 2016?

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