Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cover Reveal: HEARTLESS by Marissa Meyer


Isn't it beautiful?!

Entertainment Weekly unveiled the cover for Marissa Meyer's new novel, Heartless. They included an excerpt in their post as well.

I think this cover is stunning and a wonderful contrast to the way the Lunar Chronicles covers were designed. Rather than focus on one significant detail from each book, Heartless features an array of vines and thorns, leading up to a crown that I can only imagine will center around the Red Queen (Catherine) and the action-packed life we all guessed her to lead before Alice showed up.

I've been falling in love with more simpler designs for YA novels, mainly because contemporary novels seem to be making things more complicated (or more colorful, I should say), and it can turn me off to have too much going on at once. The only real exception I have for this is A. G. Howard's design for her Splintered novels. Those colors made me want to dive in.

I love the red and black focus. I love the thorns among the vines. I love how everything leads back to the crown, but that may not ultimately mean just Catherine as the excerpt hints. I'm sure Meyer has many surprises in store for us as always. Simplicity is key in a world of wonder and madness, after all.

What's your take on the cover? What did you think about excerpt?

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