Monday, February 2, 2015

#WritersLife: New Internship and Sold Out Tickets

#WritersLife - Amber the Blonde Writer

#WritersLife is where I update on all my adventures in the writing/publishing world. For a detailed history, check out the About Me tab at the top of the page. Otherwise, onward to February updates!

New Internship: Literary Agency

The last week of January I applied to be a YA/MG Intern with an undisclosed literary agency and I GOT IT!

As a creative writer, I find it's part of my career to better understand literary agents and how amazing they are in furthering my career. As a YA/MG Intern, I read YA and MG manuscripts each week and send back reports based on elements of fiction and what I believed worked from a reader's perspective. Not only that, but I can say I work with a literary agency, which has been a secret fascination of mine since I read The School Story!

Cover of The School Story by Andrew Clements
This novel was my Writing Bible in elementary and junior high school!

I am beyond excited for this possibility to learn more about the networking part of the publishing world, and I've already read and reported on my first manuscript! Eep!

Sold Out Tickets: Marissa Meyer's Fairest Book Tour

I had planned on seeing Marissa Meyer, author of the Lunar Chronicles, for months but the tickets to her event in Phoenix sold out without checking with me first!

Screenshot of sold out tickets to see Marissa Meyer in February 2015
I wanted to cry when I read this :(

While I won't be able to see Marissa Meyer tonight, I did receive my copy of Fairest in the mail on Friday and will be reading it ASAP! Fortunately, I don't even have time to be upset with this news because of my new internship :D

I've wanted to be a published author since I was ten, and now I get to play the part of Natalie and Zoe! What dream did you have as a child? 

Expect more updates on my novel (if my beta readers ever get back to me!) in the upcoming weeks as well! Love you betas!


  1. Major congrats on your internship! I interned for two lit agencies (one on the west coast, one in New York), and it was am-er-zing, as you can imagine...or, as you will soon find out. Keep us updated on your writing/interning/being generally awesome life! And the great thing about Marissa Meyer is she does tours for all her books, so there's still a chance to see her when Winter releases!!! (I saw her in New York when I was interning, when she was touring for Cress).

    1. Thank you!! That's amazing! My dream is to live on the East Coast, but any lit agency taking me is beyond mindblowing. Haha and yes, I can't wait to supply more to this series! :D

      I think that's what got me through missing Fairest, especially because Winter is most likely going to be HUGE when it releases. Ahh!! Now I just want Winter!!

      Thank you for your encouragement! I'm so excited to start working on more manuscripts with the agency. I feel like I'm *actually maybe* important in the writing world now xD